Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never

First, my apology.  I am not tech savvy.  In fact, I hate computers - I would much rather be outside in my hosta garden or in the kitchen cooking.  However, they are a fact of life and I do appreciate all the conveniences that come along with computer technology.  But, when a computer does not do what it is suppose to do I'm completely lost and FRUSTRATED.  So, here is a post that was to be done a week ago.  There will be a few other late posts coming up.  Please be patient with me - I'm one desperate computer operator.  Now with that little editorial complete, on with the blog.

Every 4th of July I take a picture of Grandpa and the boys in front of a corn field.  There is the old saying, "Knee high by the 4th of July".  That is an old corn farmer's gauge as to how well the crop is doing. 

With the mixed up, crazy spring we basically have three different corn plantings - mid May, late May and mid June.  None of these are considered timely.    If you would like more information about timeliness of corn planting go on back to my blog post titled "The 8th Day of Planting", the end of May.

The field I take a picture of each week on the Growing Season Picture page was one of the first farms planted.  If you hope over to that page you can see how far along this field is.  But on the 4th Dad/Grandpa was side dressing our corn on later planted farms.  So Dad being Dad we took two 4th of July pictures - one on an earlier planted farm and one on a late planted farm. 

Mid season planting of corn
on the 4th of July.

                                                   A late planted field of corn - well, at
                                                   least it made knee high on the boys.


  1. We have the same tradition of taking a "Knee High by the 4th of July" photo too. We always take it by the field around our house. Luckily this year the field was one of the first planted so it doesn't look too bad, but then you compare it to last year and you realize how far we have to go!

  2. What treasured photos! Love your blog! Glad we found each other and look forward to hearing more from you. - Liz, The Farm Paparazzi