Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The clock is ticking.  Only 28 days until county fair entry day.

Kernal is somewhat stubborn
Hot Rod Fireball loves a good bath.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Cheap Fuel!

$.85 E85!   The Clayton County Corn Growers Association is doing a Pump Ethanol Promotion in Elkader, Iowa.  All ethanol blends of fuel at the Three Rivers FS station on Hwy 13 in Elkader, Iowa, are deeply discounted until 2:00 pm today.  It's a great opportunity to fill up for the holiday weekend.  And, rumor has it there are hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and pop/soda/Pepsi for anyone who buys fuel.

Here are some pictures from earlier this morning.

Some friendly Corn Growers waiting to pump ethanol fuel and wash some windshields

Showing a customer how to select ethanol blended fuel.

Joe even did a radio spot for FM100

Some day I would like to get our semi wrapped like Bruces car!
Lots of food to go along with the fuel
A great supporter of Ethanol
This corn grower knows the value in using Ethanol!
Jerry - Expert griller