Virtual Farm Tour

Here are some videos of our farm.   Hopefully they will give you some insight into our farm operation.

It's A Re-Do
If you watch this video you will hear me talk about replanting corn and soybeans. 
We decide to replant a field by looking at the plants that have emerged in a field and determine
if there are enough viable plants present to potentially yield a good crop for us or if we need to tear up the field and start in fresh and replant.  We need to look at future weather predictions, the variety or hybrid maturities available to replant as well as soil conditions and what crop protection products have
already been applied to the field.  It's often not an easy decision to make as far as replanting a field goes. 

Planter Technology

Please ignore the nasty hair do.  It was a long, hot, windy day.  But, this is reality!
Thanks Dad for helping out.  Dad likes being on camera as much as I do.  NOT!

Folding Corn Planter

Ok, after I got done with the above video Dad wanted me to video the corn planter
folding up.  It's not a real good video and we were going to redo it but the batteries ran out in my
Flip so what you see is what you get.

The process of treating soybean seed.

More about bulk soybean seed handling

Unloading Soybean Seed

Corn Planter Insecticide Calibration

Spring Chicks

Baby Calf Born