Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunday Supper

We had about 2 inches of rain and 2 to 3 inches of snow over the past few days so harvesting has stopped until the snow melts off the corn and the ground dries some and firms up.  So, I'm sharing some pictures from a warmer Sunday. 

We have 5 wonderful friends and neighbors who help us in the fall besides our full time help.  Some come in the morning and leave early evening, some come in the late after noon and stay until late in the evening and a couple have been known to come in the morning and stay into the evening.  In the fall we feed everyone lunch and supper - we want everyone to be happy and healthy :-).  I do box lunches at noon so everyone can eat on the go. Now, my mom does hot meals for supper - soup, casseroles, pie, etc.  It's an attempt to get the guys to slow down just a little and take a breather.  On Sundays though we switch things up.

It's become somewhat of a habbit or tradition that Sunday lunch is hamburgers on the grill and Sunday supper is always pizza.  Pizza night gives the head cook a much needed break.  And, for some reason pizza tastes best out in the middle of a corn field!

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