Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Great Grandma Matt's feather peonies are in bloom!


  1. Suzanne, Your Beautiful Fernleaf Peonies were actually originally from your Great Aunt in-Law Etta Matt, your Great Grandpa's sister-in-law, who was my Grandma. Your Great Uncle and Aunt (my Grandpa and Grandma Matt) purchased them from a Nursery when your Great Uncle Matt (my Grandpa) was out buying a Pure Bred Dairy Bull for his Dairy herd from a man who also owned a Nursery and sold him Fernleaf Peonies. Your Grandma Matt and my Mother were first cousins. Ruth in Phoenix AZ

  2. Hi Ruth!
    Thanks for the history lesson. I hold me breath every spring until the peonies emerge. It's a lot of pressure being the keeper of Great Grandma's flowers.