Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice Day

After at week of February thawing we had an icestorm yesterday and last night.  The electricity comes and goes on a whim - welcome to Iowa.  There is no school today - again.  Actually the school district designated Presidents Day as a vacation day, however, because of all the snow days we had in January and February the decision was made to make today a makeup day.  So, today was to be a vacation day but then it was to be a snow day makeup day and now we are not having school because of an icestorm.  You tell me - how many days do we need to make up for missing today?

Joe and the guys are digging out the power generator so the carpenters can keep working on the house.  It's tough for the carpenters to keep going when the electricity comes and goes without notice.

Oh, by the way, I am the World's Meanest Mom.  This is a title I hold proudly and I was reminded of it again this morning.  The boys had visions of heading outside never to be found until they were hungry, however, I had other plans.  They have enough on going homework, piano lessons and cleaning to do to keep them busy most of the day. 

Joe is concerned about falling ice and really, really heavy powerlines coming down so it is just better to have the boys in the house until we get some melting going on.  But, it's hard for kids to understand so I will maintain the mean mom title for another day.


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