Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Winter Is All About

Today the neighbor boys (I use this term lightly as Nicholas is 33 and has three kids of his own, Phillip is a 25 year old newly wed and Tyler is 22 and has a great girl friend and should be getting married soon - in my opinion.) invited our boys to a neighborhood sledding party.  As Phillip said it was a good reason to get our boys out of the scene so my Joe could get some rest and continue to recoup from knee surgery.  It was a great day for a sledding party - sunny and in the 30's with some melting going on. 

Is that feed dust or snow?

 It was a typical northeast Iowa sledding party with sleds, Gators, a Ranger, snowmobiles, a Skidsteer for good measure, and lots of laughs.  I chauffeured my Joe over after about three hours as he is one never to miss a good time.  Everyone was tired, soaked to the bone and ready for a good nights rest.  A good time was had by all!

Tyler, I think you're stuck!

Thank goodness, you're back on level ground
Looking tired.


Last man standing

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