Friday, March 25, 2011

More Babies!

The mailman delivered more babies to our farm yesterday.  When we order baby poultry from a hatchery the chicks are delivered through the US Postal Service.  Ours left the hatchery on Wednesday and arrived yesterday. 

We will keep the chicks in a little wading pool in the loft of our farm shop for the next two weeks.  We keep a heat lamp on the chicks.  It's easy to tell if they are too cold because they will all huddle under the heat lamp.  This morning they were just about right.  The chicks were not all huddled together - they were spread throughout the pool.   We keep fresh water and a little feed avialable to the chicks at all times.
The wire mesh keeps the chicks in the pool.  The first week they aren't jumping but by next Friday they will be jumping and we would hate to have one jump to it's death or become Cesear's, the seed warehouse cat, midday snack.


Ok, I have to tell one way too cute story.  When the chicks arrive the instructions say to dip each chick's beak into water.  It gets thier systems going - I think.  Well, son #3 was helping me do this.  He would get the chick out of the delivery box and I would dip the chicks beak and put it in the pool.  We had just finished up when #1 and #2 came back from doing their chores and #3 informed them that he and Mom had just gotten done baptising all of the chicks!  Then he wondered if maybe we shouldn't go baptise Patty and Repeat, the new baby calves.

Oh, the joys of living on a farm!
 So that should be enough cuteness for you to make it through the day.  Have a good one!

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