Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I am happy to announce that son #1's cow had her calf 4:15 pm, yesterday afternoon.  Mother and daughter are doing fine.  Patty (Named in honor of St. Patricks Day) was kicking up her heels in the pen this morning!

Mom cleaning up Patty

Are you my mother?

Son #2 reported he saw eight robins while doing chores last night!  I think the old wives tale goes that the robin has to get snow on it's tail three times before spring is fully here.  If that is the case - let it snow!!

Now how does this work?


  1. How cute!! She looks like a great calf. They are so much fun to watch grow and play.

  2. Very cute. I spent the weekend in Iowa at the Boy's house playing with little Hereford babies, but black ones are still my favorite.