Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inadequate Parents

Tonight Joe was reading #3 a bedtime story about bunnies and he made a comment about doing the Bunny Hop.  Of course #3 had no idea what that was so Joe and I proceeded to do the Bunny Hop for the boys.  After a couple of times around the bedroom I started to improvise by saying "boing, boing, boing" when we would get to the three hops forward.  I know, pretty crazy of me.  At that point #3 announces, "that is an onomatopoeia!" 

Immediately I thought this can't be good.  I looked at #1 and asked him what his brother was talking about.  Instead of answering me #1 took off for his room obviously not wanting to have one of "those family discussions about good choices".  I asked #3 where he learned this word and he said at school.  Then, I looked at #2 - he just smiled and went back to reading The Three Muskateers.  My #3 then informed us that Ms. M, his Kindergarten teacher, told him what an onomatopoeia is.  This was a great relief knowing that I would not be getting a call or email from the school informing me that my kindergartener was using a bad word in school.   #3 then explained to his college educated parents that an onomatopoeia is a word that is a sound "kinda like achoo or Mom's boing". 

Of course this made no sense to Joe nor I so I bunny hopped down to the computer and Googled onomatopoeia.  I still retain some of my old phonics skills from first grade so Google was able to decipher what I was looking for.  Thank goodness there is Google otherwise I would be looking through my dictionary for the next three days.  Here is the official definition from Webster's Dictionary:
Onomatopoeia - The formation of a word by imitating the natural sound associated with the object or action involved; echoism.

I am so glad #3 learned something today.  I'm sure the Bunny Hop will take him far in life!


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  1. I love it--and I'm impressed that he knows what onomatopoeia is. Smart kid! (You should have posted video of you and Joe doing the bunny hop--I'm sure it was entertaining!)

    Darcy Maulsby, your I-LEAD class IV buddy