Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of My Hats

Like all women, I wear many hats through my life and days.  This last week I put my Pioneer Hi-Bred seed hat back on for the planting season.

I spend most of my days in the seed warehouse loading out seed to customers, unloading semis, reloading semis, treating soybean seed, and filling planters.

There are a few farmers who planted corn yesterday.  The soil temps are running right around 47/48 F.  You want to plant corn when the soil conditions are right and soil temps are heading towards 50F.  Corn germinates at 50F.  The only problem is that wet and cold conditions are predicted for the next few days in fact snow is predicted for our part of Iowa.

Here is a tour of my seed warehouse for the next 30 days or however long it takes to get the crop in the ground I will be here.

This is my forklift.  It's a Cat.  I like telling people that I drive a Caterpillar.  

This is my view while driving my forklift most of the day.

Here are some pictures of my scenery.  When I get tired of it I just rearrange the pallets and ProBoxes.  :-)  That makes Joe mad as he says there is a reason he has varieties and hybrids where he does.  I just tell him it's makes life more interesting and it's like an Easter egg hunt.

I unloaded this semi this morning. 

My feet.  I bumped the camera and got a really good picture of my feet.

This is our college intern.  He helps out on the weekends getting seed delivered and organized.  Once he is done with the semester he will be full time for the summer.  He is a hard worker and knows how to think ahead.  Those are two great assets to any employee.

If Joe lets me out of the warehouse today I will get some pictures of some field work going on in the area.   I hope you enjoyed the tour.  When I start treating soybeans I'll put up some pictures of the process.  Stop back again when you have time!  


  1. Roger was wondering how you guys managed to get all of the good numbers.... :)

  2. I'm impressed that he could see the numbers on the bags! Is the Pioneer dealer who was hit by the tornado near you guys?