Thursday, May 12, 2011

Scratch and Sniff Computer

This morning I snuck out of the seed warehouse and delivered lunches to Dad and Rollie.   I now remember why I like spring.  The anhydrous toolbar that we use to apply nitrogen doesn't really disturb the soil very much.  The knivers cut through the soil and the cover disks close that slot back shut.  The soil finisher or field cultivator on the other hand does mix and loosen the soil to make an ideal seed bed for the planter.  Spring, fresh soil is one of my top three smells in the whole wide world. 

I wish there was such a thing as scratch and sniff computer screens so I could share this with you.  If you have a garden you may be able to understand some of the experience but to be surrounded by acres and acres of this scent is amazing 

I don't know what it is about the smell of the freshly mixed soil but it just triggers something in me that says, "Spring is Here - Let's Get Going!"  One and a half more days and we should be done planting.  The lawn is beyond needing a mowing and I can hear my hosta garden calling.  I may have to ignore my hostas until sometime next week after I get caught up on paperwork and book keeping.   The boys can mow all weekend to their hearts content.

Rollie in the soil finisher

Dad planting corn.

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