Thursday, May 19, 2011


WOO HOO!  We are done planting corn.  We finished up 3:22 pm, yesterday afternoon.  That is a good feeling.  But from planting we went right on to the next tasks at hand.  Joe is spraying our pre-emergence herbicides right now.  If the weather man is correct we are in for five to seven days of rainy weather so today is the day to get caught up on spraying.  Dad is hauling corn "to the river".  This means he is delivering corn from our bin site (storage) to a grain barge terminal located along the Mississippi River about 10 miles from our storage.  Because of the flooding on the Mississippi this spring a lot of farmers are trying to get corn that was contracted to be delivered to the river in April delivered now. 

I'm still working in the seed warehouse.  On Tuesday, soybean seed was flowing out like water.  Today, we are over the hump for soybean planting.  We will still be treating soybeans and delivering seed the rest of the week but I would say at least 75+% of the soybeans are in the ground in our corner of the world.  We are about 98% completed on corn planting.  We have livestock farmers who are chopping rye this week and will be planting corn or beans into the stubble next week.  So there is still some corn to go in. 

A shout out to the farmers in North Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, and Indiana.  We are thinking of you and hope you can get your crops planted soon.  Take care and be safe.


  1. Awesome! We are seeing the end in sight!

  2. I am glad to know about this blog. The world needs to know about crop production and how their food begins it's process. US farmers need all the help from people like you they can get. Our area had more rain that ended planted again. Linda