Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Ag Day!

Here are some interesting stats that are great food for thought.

Thank you to all the farmers out there but also a BIG thank you to the farmers' support network.  This support network would include the bankers who finance a farmers input investments, animal feed suppliers, veterinarians who help keep the farm animals healthy, fertilizer and chemical suppliers who keep the farmers planting in the spring and summer, seed companies who breed and produce the farmers seed, the fuel suppliers who keep the farmers rolling all year round, the marketing advisers who help farmers market their crops, the individuals that work in the processing and packing plants who process the farmers products for the US consumers and world customers, the grain handlers at local elevators, barge terminals and at ocean ports who move the farmers grain safely and efficiently, the truckers who haul all of the above mentioned plus more, and the ag journalists who keep farmers informed on the latest information effecting agriculture.

I know I have left many people out of my list but you get the idea and there are A LOT of people who make agriculture in the United States the best in the world!

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