Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Winter So Far

Typically the months of January, February, and part of March are meeting months.  Joe and I attend meetings the learn about crop insurance, crop inputs like fertilizer and crop protection products, marketing our crops, as well as new technologies.  But this winter January, February, and March so far have been the months of meetings AND snow days.  I'm pretty sure the boys have not had a full week of school since before Christmas. 

With the regular snow storms showing up like clock work the boys have been keeping their rooms pretty tidy and the piano practiced.  But, Mom isn't keeping up with all of her work with extra bodies roaming the house and farm during the week days. (I had to throw in a third person sentence in for Joe)  Yesterday was one of those days.  School was called off for yet another snow storm.  While it was a nice snow in the fact that it did not blow around and the snow plow guys did a great job of keeping up it, winter is getting old. 

So here are some pictures of what we did during yet another snow day:

I'm pretty sure #1 son spent the entire day picking out
and designing his class ring.  It doesn't seem possible
the my little guy should be old enough to order a class ring.

#2 building a barge with Legos (I think he was told
to pick up Legos if I remember correctly)
I made a poppy seed cake from scratch that was darn good if I don't say so myself.  Poppy seed muffins are Joe's favorite, however, not yesterday as the cake was in a 9x13 pan instead of little cupcake papers.

Here is the conversation.  I'm in red and Joe is blue: 
"So, how do you like the cake?"  "It's not bad."  "So, what's wrong with it?"  "Nothing.  Why do you ask?"  "Well, you said not bad which means not good.  So what's wrong with it?"  "Well usually you make this in the little round cupcake papers."  "This is more environmentally friendly."  "I like the little round cupcakes."  "It's faster to make a cake in a pan than messing around with cupcake papers and tin."  "So what did you do this morning?"  A long pause.  "If I ever decide to make poppy seed cake again and put it in cupcake papers will it taste better?"  "I think so."

Thus, ended lunch conversation between Joe and I.

#3 coloring Shrinky Dinks
Joe moving snow


Waiting on those Shrinky Dinks


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