Monday, March 19, 2012

Daisy's Calf

This morning we woke to a new baby calf!  Daisy, Son #2's cow, had her calf early this morning.  She had a little bull calf (a boy).  After a lot of discussion between the brothers, #2 decided to name him Winter since it is the last day of winter.

Daisy and Winter this morning.

Winter & Daisy this afternoon.
All of the animals on our farm are 4H projects.  Since the boys are the owners they do take pride in their animals and new babies are always exciting.  When #2 did chores last night he reported that Daisy of the cows was starting to act different and she was holding up her tail.  So, we all marched out and  agreed that Daisy was going to deliver soon.  Joe and I visited her around 11 pm and decided that she would deliver in the morning.   The boys were out bright and early this morning to check on Daisy and like #3 said - It's Christmas!

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