Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Favorite Farm Recipe

This week's Favorite Farm Recipe was by far the most popular chocolate at the Friends of the Elkader Public Library Chocolate Fest this past December.   Diane, this weeks contributor, was not sure how well the recipe turned but thought she should bring it to the Chocolate Fest just in case we needed extra chocolates.  Boy, was she in for a surprise - it was the hit of the Chocolate Fest!

Diane has been a farm wife since 1958.  Diane and her husband Roger were high school sweethearts.  They were married in 1956.  Diane said that their intended marriage caused quite a stir in the area as she was not yet done with high school.  They had to go before the school board of all things to get permission to marry!  Diane and Roger heard more than once that their marriage would never last.  But, 56 years later I think they are going to make it. 

For two years Diane and Roger lived in Rhode Island, while Roger served in the Navy.  Then, they moved to Roger's home farm in Clayton County, and were dairy farmers for the next 40 years.  (Roger's grandfather bought the farm in 1908.)  They raised Holsteins, hogs and two sons.  Today, they have grandchildren spread from here to Colorado, and two great grandchildren.  Diane and Roger have enjoyed traveling over the years.  They have been to every state and beyond.  Diane also enjoys gardening, genealogy, and researching Clayton County history as well as the history of Clayton Center.  Yep, you guest it - Clayton Center is in the center of Clayton County! 

Diane looking over records in the Genealogy section
of the Library.
The Clayton County Genealogy Society has been very active over the years. The Elkader Library holds a wide variety of family histories, cemetery records, a collection of Geneaolgy records for Mallory Township, histories of schools in Clayton County, platt maps from various time periods, a surname cardfile for easy indexing of birth, death and marriage notices in the local paper and microfilm of the local newspaper from 1853 to 2002. The library also has a microfilm reader/printer and a digital microfilm reader that is capable of saving files to flash drives, camera memory cards and printing to a laser printer.

So, with no further adieu here is the Snickers Bars recipe that had everyone oooing and aaahhhing at the Elkader Jail House Inn in December.

                                            Snickers Bars
     1 cup milk chocolate chips                                4 Tbsp butter
     1 Tbsp shortening *                                           1 cup chopped peanuts
     14 oz caramels                                                   1 cup milk chocolate chips
     2 Tbsp water                                                      1 Tbsp shortening *

Melt in microwave 1 cup chocolate chips and 1 Tbsp shortening.  Spread in a foil-lined 8X8 inch pan and chill for 15 minutes.  Melt caramels, water and butter; pour over first layer.  Add peanuts on top of second layer.  Melt 1 cup chocolate chips and 1 Tbsp shortening; pour over other layers.  Let candy firm up in pan.  Remove from foil and cut into 1 inch squares.  Enjoy!
*Diane uses Crisco shortening

Diane and Peggy (another Friend of the Library) busy
working during the Chocolate Fest
Diane, thank you for sharing your recipe and part of your history with us!

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