Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Week . . . So Far

Sunday was a beautiful day.  The Joe and the boys mowed, aerated, and fertilizer the lawn.  We started the picking up sticks and other "winter trash" around the yard.  Before we knew it we had enough for our first fire and brat roast of the season.

The weather was amazing!  Usually we don't get to the fire pit until after the soybeans are in - sometime after Memorial Day.

Monday, we were back to reality with a high temp of 39F and showers.  But, we were still able to deliver seed between the rain drops. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were extremely windy.  I told the boys to put rocks in their pockets so they wouldn't blow away.  They didn't see anything amusing about that.  We did get our seed treater up and running and did treat some beans.  Yehhh, it works!!!

We have been working on our bulk soybean and seed treater system for so long.  It's a relief to know it all works.

I will be posting more on this in the near future.

The mild winter really helped out the alfalfa stands.  I have been hard pressed to find a field with noteable winter kill.  While son #1 was at track practice #2, #3 and I checked out a neighbor's alfalfa field.

Any thoughts on when first cutting will take place?
For you nonalfalfa producers out there - Alfalfa is a perennial plant.  In northeast Iowa, we typically take 3 or 4 cuttings a year off of an alfalfa field.  Typically the first cutting takes place mid to the latter part of May. 

Today, is another beautiful day - a little windy and cooler than what we have gotten accustom to the past several days - but still a great day to start anhydrous ammonia application!

Who knows what Friday will bring.

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