Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

We started spring out with a bang last night with a thunderstorm.  It was quite appropriate - a nice spring thunderstorm to wash away all the winter yuck and scum.  It was a warm rain that hopefully pulled more frost out of the ground.   A few of the neighbors started applying anhydrous ammonia yesterday with varying opinions of how dry the soil was and how good of job the applicators were doing.  Last night's rain should help the soil suitability so when things dry out again nitrogen application should go pretty well.

Number 3 and #2 enjoying some late winter weather.
This is definitely not normal! (I mean the weather not the
brothers playing catch)
During the past week we have been enjoying typical May/June weather.  We have had warm weather in March before but I don't remember it lasting so long.  It makes one wonder what April and May will bring.  Sunday, son  #3 and I were in the van going to pick up son #1 from a Sunday School project  when we had the following conversation. 

     "Mom, it's still winter you know."
     "Yes, you are right."
     "Is hot weather in winter normal?  I'm not as old as you so I don't remember many winters like you
     "Well, how many winters do think I remember? "
     "Probably 80 or 100"
     "How old do you think I am?"
     "42" (Smart kid - Mom is older than that)
     "Well, hot weather like this isn't typical of March winter weather."
     "If it's this hot now what is summer going to be like?"
     "I don't know.  A lot depends on what La Nina does."
     "Who's La Nina?"
     "It's actually what is La Nina.  La Nina is the cooling of ocean waters off the west coast of South
      America.  And it actually can effect our weather way up here in Iowa."
     "Oh, I thought maybe she was God's wife."
     "Nope it's a weather thing."
     "So who's God's wife?"
     "God doesn't have a wife"
     "Yes, he does."
     "No, he doesn't."
     "Yes he does because He has a son."
     "Well, you're right Jesus is God's son...."
     "God has to be married because you can't have a baby unless you're married.  So who is God's
      "I think that would be a good question to ask Pastor H on Wednesday."

You never know what questions will pop up from strange weather.  I love the logic of a 7 year old. 

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